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Sponsored by Landmark Baptist Church, Anderson, IN
How did you begin your day?

Did you put on your glasses so you could easily read the clock? Did you look carefully at the line on the coffee pot to fill it exactly with the right amount of water? Did you read your Bible?

These are simple acts that many Christians perform within the first hour of the day and never think about their actions. In reality, millions of people in the world are legally blind. A blindness that can be easily corrected with a pair of glasses. Unfortunately, these people have no way of receiving this simple solution; their village is too far away, the cost of the glasses is too much, or they simply do not know how to get glasses.

Now there is an exciting ministry to help these people receive the ophthalmic and spiritual care they need -

Eyes on Christ!

Eyes on Christ teams with missionaries already on the field. We set up an eye care clinic to provide eye glasses and medications to minister to the people's physical needs. We then have evangelists available to reveal who Christ is and the sacrifice He has made for everyone. After the clinics are finished, the missionary on the field is able then to continue to disciple these souls.

A Romanian woman showed up at a Baptist church where a medical mission team was scheduled to visit. She arrived three hours early because she heard glasses would be arriving from America.

While the mission team was setting up she became so excited she could not contain herself. Finally, the mission team asked an interpreter to find out what she needed. We learned she had not been able to read for several years and she was hoping to get reading glasses.

The medical team stopped setting up and allowed us to fit her with a pair. Because we were not completely unpacked and an eye chart was not available, she was given a Romanian Bible to read.

Tears came to the interpreter's eyes as she translated the verse the woman was reading, "For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Cor. 5:7.

In that moment Eyes on Christ was born.
We receive monthly support from our sponsoring church, Landmark Baptist Church as well as several churches of the American Baptist Association.

We also receive special offerings from specific events such as VBS offerings. Many people donate used eye glasses that we refurbish. The typical investment in a pair of glasses by the time they reach the hands of the person in need is about $7.00 US.

We also have corporate sponsors that donate supplies such as medicated drops, glasses cases and artificial tears. We currently lease medical equipment to perform portions of the eye exams.


First, pray for us. This is truly the greatest need for every ministry.

Second, consider partnering with us financially.
We are currently raising funds for an auto-refractor which costs approximately $8500.00.
Perhaps you could send a one-time gift to help pay for this.

Please send your gifts to our sponsoring church. The address is here on our contacts page.

Third, GO with us! If you are a member in good standing in one of the Churches of the ABA, contact our Ministry Director, Julie Schoeff and get the details!!
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